Your Consultation: An initial telephone consultation would have taken place before booking a face to face consultation to help meet your requirements and manage your expectations of the processes and treatments used with Take Cover Skin System. The cost for the consultation is non refundable unless arrangements have been made with Take Cover Skin System as an incentive towards further treatments. Costs of treatments can only be confirmed once a face to face observation has been made to determine the processes you would like to use that are made available to you. During the consultation a brief discussion of your background of your skin and your concerns surrounding its conditions will be discussed with sensitivity and discretion.

Patch Test/Allergies: Part of your consultation will include a patch test for allergy reaction and for you to see how the solutions appear on your skin. This will not be a colour match in any form. After a patch test has been carried out, you will be strongly advised to wait at least 24-48 hours after a consultation where a patch test has been carried out on a small area on the back of the hand.

In the event of experiencing any allergic reaction, which would normally occur on immediate contact or within 24-48 hours of the product used, stop using the product, immediately remove the makeup solution with your usual oil or cream based makeup remover and check with your regular Doctor, then notify your consultant at Take Cover Skin System.

Titanium Dioxide will be part of the ingredients contained within the pigments for camouflage both with durable or semi permanent pigments. Should at anytime you decide to have laser treatments you must inform your laser specialist where you have carried out the micro pigmentation procedure on your skin.  It would also be advised that you remove any camouflage cremes or durable solutions when undergoing laser treatment.

Take Cover Skin System will not be liable for any adverse reactions that may arise due to application of the solutions used during the patch test or during colour matching session or application processes that are normally carried out with Take Cover Skin System or any consultant of Take Cover Skin System. Take Cover Skin System will not proceed immediately after consultation with colour matching or carry out airbrush or finger tip application to any areas of concern unless 24-48 hours has passed.

During your consultation with Take Cover Skin System you will need to advise the consultant whether you have any known allergies, recent operations, cosmetic or non surgical treatments carried out in the last 8 weeks and whether you have experienced any allergic reactions to makeup products, skin care products or other cosmetics in the past or present. The consultant will then decide whether it is appropriate to proceed with the colour matching and application of the solutions used with Take Cover Skin System.

Should you wish to opt out of the said agreement regarding the processes for allergy testing or go against the usual practice based on the information you have provided, or failed to include during the consultation, and that to your knowledge, whether you have or have never had any reactions to makeup solutions in the past, Take Cover Skin System cannot be responsible for any adverse reactions on any parts of the body that you have selected to be covered using the camouflage solutions available, either by airbrush, finger tip application or needles. Should you wish to proceed to colour matching process and airbrush, finger tip application or use needles to any part of the body that is requiring coverage, you would have signed a disclaimer to say that Take Cover Skin System cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions due to skin conditions, adverse health or respiratory problems or otherwise.

Service /Treatment Disclaimer

I have read all the above relating to allergy testing and consultation procedures carried out with Take Cover Skin system and I am happy to opt-out of professional guidance and advice given during the consultation about allergy testing procedures or unknown health risks or reactions in order to proceed immediately with the colour matching processes, application services and personalised use of kit equipment training provided by Take Cover Skin System. I understand that there may be traces of Nickel in some pigments that will be implanted into the skin using needles. Should I have an allergy to nickel, use of needles and pigments containing nickel may affect me. A patch test will determine this and so it would be strongly recommended to carry out such a test. I also understand that I will not be eligible for a refund on any hardware equipment sold or any customised solutions or professional services carried out during the treatments with Take Cover Skin System and their consultants. All kits are tested on site during training, so I also agree that there can be no refund on goods, that have been tested on site and that all services for future faults will be dealt with under the Warranty provided via the supplier, and that Take Cover Skin System would have been notified.

Your Colour Match Session: As we all know each of us differ from person to person with our skin tones. This also applies to different parts of our body, as each area has a different skin tone and/or skin condition, that can change from day to day. This can often be highlighted due to exposure to sunlight or lack of sunlight, post surgery operations, skin treatments that are herbal or medicated or due to a clinical skin condition. Take Cover Skin System offers a colour match using makeup camouflage solutions and medical pigments for skin coverage. An area of tone on the body will be selected to obtain a match to your desired tone used for coverage. The consultant’s aim is to seek the best colour match with the most suitable product for you on the day of the session you have booked. The times selected for colour matching will be dependant upon the seasonal time of year for allocated optimum daylight. Colour matches will never proceed in artificial lighting. Unforeseen poor daylight due to weather conditions may result rebooking the appointment date to ensure a good colour match. This cannot be the fault of the consultant or Take Cover Skin System, and loss of earnings, travelling expense or otherwise for attending the appointment cannot be the responsibility of Take Cover Skin System. The Colour Match Session is non-refundable, however, a re colour match can be arranged should you not be entirely satisfied with the colour match. This can be arranged at no extra cost, except for any products used.

Results: Neither Take Cover Skin System or its consultants offer any guarantee of:

  • a precise colour match to your skin tone; or
  • a complete cover up for your skin condition; or
  • how long the Take Cover Skin System cover makeup will remain on the body or face (this will vary according to  the ph balance of your skin, oily skin, skin’s texture, excess skin cells, applied lotions, moist conditions or rubbing from clothing, materials and other factors);or otherwise; or
  • be made responsible for the appearance should it be unsatisfactory due to the texture or condition of the skin at the time; or whether a satisfactory colour has not been obtained with the allocated time slot allowed for the session, due to weather change, daylight or otherwise.           

Terms & Conditions

  1. You confirm that the details you provided in the Client Consent Form are complete and accurate and that you will at the consultation provide the consultant with full details of any known allergies and any previous allergic reactions which you have suffered following the application of makeup solution or skin care products or other cosmetics.
  2. The consultation is provided to you and in relation to your skin, and any products Take Cover Skin System use for cover makeup solutions, and or kits sold or provided to you is intended for your personal use only.
  3. All Take Cover Skin System cover makeup solutions and or kits sold or provided to you should be stored and cleaned and used only as you are directed during your consultation and or as directed in any leaflets provided with the cover makeup solutions and or kits.

Booking Consultations:

  1. When you book a consultation you will usually be required to pay the full price of that consultation at the time of booking.
  2. If you need to change your appointment you must give us at least 48 hours’ notice and agree to reschedule the appointment within 90 days. If you do not do so we shall keep the consultation fee.


  1. We accept payment in cash, debit card or by credit card.
  2. If you pay by credit card there will be a charge in relation to the processing of that card transaction. This charge will be added to your invoice and is usually 2.2978% or less.

Delivery of goods

  1. Once a delivery of a kit, product and or makeup solution is made to you, those goods are at your risk and you are responsible for their safekeeping and maintenance and condition.
  2. Please inspect each delivery of kit, product and or makeup solutions immediately on the day of receipt of the goods and advise us immediately if there are any breakages or problems. We will then ask you to return the damaged goods to us and we will arrange a replacement of goods as appropriate. Failure to inspect and contact us and notify us by email or leaving a message on the contact number provided on the day of receiving the goods, may not entitle you to a replacement. It would therefore be advisable that when ordering goods from Take Cover Skin System that you opt for recorded or registered post to ensure the products arrive to you safely.


  1. There can be no refunds allocated to services, sale of goods reduced or discounted, treatments, makeup solution products that have been made up for customised use, or opened up if ordered elsewhere, or sealed from another supplier. All electrical equipment is checked during the training session for using the airbrush and compressor unit. Should you experience any problems after the goods have left the site, this will need to be taken up with the supplier who will then advise you of the warranty that is place for the equipment. A refund can only be considered with the following hardware equipment: Airbrush, Air Compressor Unit (reduced items, discounted prices on goods/kits cannot be refunded).The maximum refund of the hardware equipment will be considered with discretion of Take Cover Skin System up to 40% of the retail cost as advised from Take cover Skin System, providing the goods are returned in a safe and suitable manner within 7 days of receipt, and notified within 24 hours from date of purchase.


  1. This section headed “Liabilities” sets out the entire financial liability of Take Cover Skin System to you on its own or behalf of any of its employees or agents in relation to any breach of these terms and conditions and in any other way in relation to the provision to you of goods or services by Take Cover Skin System including any use made or resale of the goods by you and or any representation, tortious act or omission.
  2. Nothing in this agreement shall limit or exclude the liability of Take Cover Skin System for: death or personal injury resulting from negligence; or fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or breach of the terms implied by section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979; or breach of section 2 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987 or any other liabilities which cannot lawfully be limited or excluded.
  3. Take Cover Skin System’s total liabilities arising whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or restitution, breach of statutory duty or otherwise shall not extend to include any of the following: loss of profit; or loss of goodwill; or loss of business; or loss of business opportunity; or special, indirect or consequential damages or loss; suffered by you that arises under or in connection with this agreement;
  4. Without prejudice to clauses 12 and 13 above Take Cover Skin System’s total liability arising under or in connection with this agreement, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) shall not exceed the amount of £10,000
  5. Please note that unless agreed otherwise in advance all kits despatched will be configured for use with 220-240voltage electricity supply as is used in the UK and we make no warranty or statement as to its suitability for use with any other power supply and you must take appropriate advice as to suitable adaptors before doing so.

Intellectual Property

  1. All the intellectual property rights comprised in the kits, makeup and branding and packaging materials and in the website and marketing materials used by Take Cover Skin System are the property of Take Cover Skin System or their licensors.
  2. No intellectual property rights are transferred to you by the sale to you of any products and so you must not copy or alter or reuse or distribute any of this material without our prior written consent.

Advertisers and Links

On our website and in our brochures we allow other businesses to advertise and we sometimes provide links to and details of other providers where we think they may be of interest to you. However, we do not take any responsibility for these businesses, their websites, their products, their services or any of their actions, and if you decide to use them you do so at your own risk.

Law and Jurisdiction

The parties agree that this agreement and any disputes arising in relation to it shall be determined under English law and that in the event of any dispute arising in relation to this agreement that dispute is hereby irrevocably submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

I have read, understood and agree to all of the above.