"It has boosted my self-confidence and I’d say changed my life!!!!!!! I’ve always been soooooooo conscious about my stretch marks and have been searching all over for a solution…despite having tried so many creams etc. I’ve tried different camouflage products as well, but all of them would transfer on to the clothes I wear and isn’t long lasting at all!!!!!But the make up you used lasts much longer! even after 24 hours it still looks great, I must say, and I hope it will last up to 5 days. The best thing is its not transferable!!!!!!! I’m really looking forward to buying the whole kit from you so that I can start doing it myself as and when I need…THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH GERRI! I CAN NOW WEAR ALL THE DRESSES I HAD IN MY WARDROBE FOR AGES BUT NEVER HAD THE COURAGE TO WEAR, BECAUSE OF MY STRETCH MARKS!!!!!!THANKS TO YOU I CAN NOW CONFIDENTLY REVEAL MY LEGS WITHOUT THE FEAR OF PEOPLE NOTICING MY UGLY STRETCH MARKS! YOU ARE A STAR!”

D x

“It was great meeting you y’day! I loved those products you used on me to cover my horrible stretch marks!I never knew such products existed..You were so warm, understanding and patient, you made sure the exact colour match was achieved so that it looked completely natural! I couldn’t believe my eyes as to how my legs.”
Miss Dee

Hello Gerri,

The makeup lasted for 5 days and everybody liked it!

Everyone was asking me about my tattoos and stretch marks and they were soo happy, and some of them really want to try it too .  It was a very good thing and I have recommended my friends and families to TAKE COVER  SKIN SYSTEM. I can surely believe that tattoos and stretch marks can be covered in no time and will surely use it again.  I  was soo pleased with my pictures, cos there was no stretch marks showing anywhere!!

Thanks so much Take Cover Skin System, and you will hear from me soon.




"Because of its natural and beautiful effects, I’ve planned to use it on my wedding day.  I like it a lot. Personally, I do not like stuff that make you look artificial…..But the Take Cover Skin System looked so natural on me.

It was difficult to tell there was something on my face. The process was very simple and straightforward. Everything is carefully and professionally done without any mess."


Thank you ever so much Gerri! I can now wear all the dress I had in my wardrobe for ages but never had the courage to wear because of my stretch marks!!!!!!

Thanks to you I can now confidently reveal my legs without the fear of people noticing my ugly stretch marks! You are a star" Dx


I’m a 21 year old student and all my life I have been very self conscious about my legs. I cannot remember the last time I had my legs out in shorts or a skirt; they are always covered. I searched for hours on the internet looking for a makeup or some kind surgery to help minimize my pores and the scars on my legs, and it was by chance I came across this site, Take Cover Skin System. I had a look at it and read the testimonials, and straight away I knew I had to ring up and book an appointment ASAP. A few days later I went in to see Gerri, and a couple of hours later, I came out with my legs on show! It was the first time in over 10 years that I had my legs out. It was the best feeling ever! I felt like I was on top of the world. I still look at my legs now and think, WOW! I went out that same night with my legs out, and I felt like I was set free and it felt amazing. I am going away in a few days, so I am going back to see Gerri for a quick top up before I go.   I am considering buying the kit as well. I just wanna say thank you soooooooo much!

Gerri you have no idea how much this means to me and how great I feel now. You are such a lovely person as well,  and I thank God I came across your website. Thank you once again xxxxxxx

Remi x