This has been the best camouflage treatment I have ever had on my leg so far!!! It was quick to apply and it is not that messy. The best part was that once it was applied, it did not rub off onto my garments, leaving them streak free, even when water was applied!


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What skin conditions are not suitable for skin camouflage?

As laid out by the British association of Skin Camouflage, skin conditions that require medical attention must not be covered using skin camouflage, as follows:

allergic reactions
pustular forms of psoriais
viral infections, herpes simplex, herpes zoster (shingles) and warts
illnesses that manifest on skin visually (chickenpox, measles)
infestations (scabies, lice)
skin cancers
bacterial and fungal infections (ringworm)
occupational/contact dermatitis
open wound or stitches
photodermatoses (actinic dermatitis)

It is always advised to seek medical advice before proceeding with skin camouflage.