Gerri is a very kind and empathetic person who understands how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin. Take Cover System gave me a great skin match and covered up areas of vitiligo on my face very well. The make up stayed put until I took it off. I had a fun night out without worrying about my vitiligo.


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National Wedding Show 2014

January 24, 2014 2:56 pm
by: gerri

National Wedding Show 2014



The Uk’s biggest Wedding Show’ is at Olympia London 21st-23rd February 2014.

And guess what?!!

Take Cover Skin System will have their decorative Stand J22, glammed up for your eyes only. Pamper your thoughts and be teased with the delicious sights that the National Wedding Show will have to offer (especially at Stand J22, where Take Cover Skin System will show live demonstrations of how Durable Skin Coverage solutions for camouflage can work for you).

Discount on Trial Applications will be available if you visit the stand over the 3 days, and because it is your special day, Take Cover Skin System will take the time to arrive at your bridal parlour to do the coverage on the day.

So why not book your ticket today and come visit us at Stand J22 opposite the Afternoon Tea Room.








Skin Coverage for a bride

April 4, 2012 2:42 pm
by: gerri



07961 755 336 info@takecoverskinsystem.co.uk


It is important for a bride to look her utmost on her wedding day.  My belief is, a bride’s commitment is with  looking flawlessly perfect for her perfect day!

The  ‘I Do’ Pure Perfection Package consists of  two appointments with Take Cover Skin System.  The first appointment is for the Colour Match Consultation and Trial Makeup Application.  The Custom Colour Match is kept on file.  Once the client has had time to decide whether she would like to go ahead with the second appointment, her wedding day, Take Cover Skin System travels to the bride’s location and a trained Take Cover Airbrush Technician will reapply the makeup as carried out at the clinic.  Below is a case study of a bride preparing for  her wedding day.



Twenty-five year old Em wants to look perfect for  her wedding day, so she has invites Take Cover Skin System to  help her ensure that she can achieve this.

Em had developed Erythema Multiforme, two years ago, after an outbreak due to an allergic reaction. It consists of  blistered  type lesions on the skin’s service that are painful and cause swelling.  This often  leaves permanent dark scarring on the skin’s service.  With Em, the scarring has affected most of her face and body.  It is known to re-occur, and the exact cause is still unknown.

How does Take Cover Skin System start to achieve a flawless skin with a Colour Match Consultation and Makeup Application?

We start by preparing the colour match.






For Em, more than one colour match needs to be achieved to work on the different locations of  her body. The  aim would be to have all the colour matches blending in together to give a natural appearance.

It is always advised that the makeup is not applied too heavily.  Once the makeup has been evenly airbrushed on, it is difficult for the eye to detect the blemishes beneath.  For Em’s profession having smooth, flawless skin is a must.

 Let’s look at the process.

You can tell a good colour match when you can’t see the colour going onto the skin whilst being airbrushed.  Attention to detail is very important, as this determines the finished effect


Over time  during airbrushing you start to notice a definite build up as the scarring starts to fade.

Just the finishing touches and we are ready to put on the wedding dress ordered from Luellas Boudoir.

This whole process enables you to feel free and focus on what is important for the moment….

Your special day!

Well ladies, are you prepared to be ditched or hitched??!! I thought that a “somethng borrowed, something blue” swarovski crystal embellished tattoo was a sure bet for your new hubby….obviously not!!

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