This has been the best camouflage treatment I have ever had on my leg so far!!! It was quick to apply and it is not that messy. The best part was that once it was applied, it did not rub off onto my garments, leaving them streak free, even when water was applied!


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What skin conditions are not suitable for skin camouflage?

As laid out by the British association of Skin Camouflage, skin conditions that require medical attention must not be covered using skin camouflage, as follows:

allergic reactions
pustular forms of psoriais
viral infections, herpes simplex, herpes zoster (shingles) and warts
illnesses that manifest on skin visually (chickenpox, measles)
infestations (scabies, lice)
skin cancers
bacterial and fungal infections (ringworm)
occupational/contact dermatitis
open wound or stitches
photodermatoses (actinic dermatitis)

It is always advised to seek medical advice before proceeding with skin camouflage.




Recell Spray on Skin

September 26, 2011 12:46 pm
by: gerri


Permanent skin coverage with Recell© Spray on Skin


spray on skin

Take Cover Skin System can now offer you real skin with recell© Spray on Skin, a stand-alone, cell harvesting kit that can produce new cells, collagen and pigmentation to give you an improved appearance of scarring, pigmentation  or burns.  Recell© is a permanent solution for skin coverage and a really  simple procedure that gives you even better results for a naturally enhanced appearance to your scars and blemishes.

Take Cover Skin System use Recell© Spray on Skin to treat the following skin conditions:

Acne Scarring, Wrinkles, uneven skin tone (hyper and hypo pigmentation),Vitiligo, tummy tuck scars, scars due to cancer surgery, accidents or self harm.

Before  Recell© procedure

spray on skin



A consultation is necessary with our consultant who is a qualified doctor to determine whether Recell © procedure is suitable for the area you wish to treat.

The Recell© procedure

With a thin 2×2 biopsy of your skin cells removed from a location close to the skin you wish to treat, the skin cells are harvested using the kit that provides everything required for the procedure. The area is first treated with a dermaroller to obtain pin prick bleeding to the surface of the skin. Twenty minutes later the suspension of skin cells are sprayed or dripped onto the treated area  and dressed accordingly.

Results after Recell© procedure

spray on skin

The results after treatment are significantly reduced unwanted scars and blemishes with a gradual build up of newly formed pigmented cells.

The benefits of using Recell© Spray on Skin

The new skin blends in with the surrounding area
The treatment can be used on all skin tones
Allows large coverage up to 320cm²


How long does it take for Recell© procedure  to heal?

You will see the first layer of skin within 7 days

 How soon will I see improved results after treatment with Recell©?

After 4-6 weeks you will start to see the skin colour forming with a gradual build up over the next few months.

For more details or to speak to a consultant for Recell© procedure please contact Take Cover Skin System  or call 07961 755336.