Skin Camouflage Solutions


Creme Camouflage

Helps to diminish the appearance of scars, dark patches and white patches on skin. During your  consultation, we shall match your skin for a perfect colour match and you will learn how to apply to yourself , simply and effectively.

airbrush camouflage

Airbrush Camouflage

Airbrush camouflage has the ability to cover large areas of the body, and can also be used for hands, face and feet.  The colour match is achieved during your consultation where you will have the opportunity of test patching the area before you decide your next step.


Semi Permanent

Semi permanent micro pigmentation treatments is an innovative way of applying colour to skin. It helps to build colour where pigment is missing particularly works will for small  isolated areas of skin that is not frequently exposed to sun.


White patches on the back of neck, also known as Vitiligo before cover up solution.


Red scarring to cheek, also known as a birthmark called Port Wine Stain before cover up solution.


Missing skin pigment on the arm, before cover up solution.


Post treatment cover up of white patches of skin called Vitiligo,  using airbrush camouflage techniques


Post treatment cover up of red birthmark also know as Port Wine Stain, using creme camouflage techniques


Post treatment cover up of white patches of skin called Vitiligo,  using a combination of creme and airbrush camouflage techniques.

Skin Camouflage Solutions

White patches on skin, also known as  hypo pigmentation becomes more noticeable during the summer months due to more exposure to sunlight that naturally causes the skin to tan.  White patches on skin may not be as noticeable for lighter skin tones  during the winter months, although in some cases there can be noticeable dark patches that appear on the skin, also known as hyper pigmentation. 

Over the years, Take Cover Skin System have individually treated clients using creme, airbrush camouflage solutions and more recently semi-permanent micro pigment procedures,  which is uniquely colour matched to help even out skin tone and restore a natural looking effect for all ethnicities.



Scarring to arm on a 15 year old girl.


With the correct colour match she has been shown how to apply creme camouflage for herself.


The results of the camouflage enable her to attend her sister's wedding and be part of her wedding album.

There are three  methods you may wish to consider when thinking of the most favourable solutions  to use as skin camouflage:


Semi permanent camouflage.

Semi permanent camouflage offers a more permanent skin cover up solution for scars, white patches on skin, restoration of eyebrows and bald patches on the scalp.  This is achieved by using medically graded pigments that are etched into the top dermal layer of skin colour matching it’s natural tone. Pigment can last for a long time, but will need to be retouched every 12-18 months for maintenance. The treatment is treated as a medical procedure due to the fact that the skin will be broken sometimes making minuscule pin pricks of blood visible to the skin's surface.

Strong sunlight exposure may affect the tone of the skin, so is always best to use sun cream after procedure. Medical micropigmentation procedures are widely used in hospitals and private health clinics for scars, burns and for replacing and filling in colour to create areolas after breast surgery. Semi permanent skin camouflage can help with skin conditions such as white patches  of missing pigment, scars from surgery or accidents, burns and post breast surgery


Creme camouflage

Crème camouflage is commonly available through retailers and online. There are multitude of colours to be matched up to. Knowing which tone will match your skin is another challenge. You can apply effectively by using the tips of your fingers or applicators  for the face or smaller areas of the body.   A  camouflage consultant would be able to save you time by spending up to one hour selecting a perfect match or customising it to suit your tone.

Airbrush camouflage

Airbrush camouflage is a gentle, effective and hygienic approach, for a durable covering of unwanted scars and blemishes such as vitiligo, rosacea, melasma and acne scarring.  The sensation on the skin during the application is a gentle cool blowing, and an amazing visual gradual build of coverage.  As there is no actual contact during the application, this is a safe and hygienic way to apply the camouflage quickly and effectively, and a wonderful way to cover large areas of the body. The airbrush and compression of air allows the application of the camouflage to be applied in a skilful manner to blend naturally. Skin camouflage using a custom colour matching process, can give a fairly precise colour match to all skin tones.

Using airbrush application for coverage on the hands and face would be required daily, simply because the hands are more frequently in water and require moisturising. When applying to the face, it should be removed at the end of each day.  

Coverage on the body is more durable, so can therefore be re- applied every two to five days. Coverage solution is quite water resistant, so with a tendency not to transfer, it has been found to be preferable on the hands, where frequent washing of the hands and moisturising is required.

Should you require more frequent use and wish to apply for yourself, full kit with training is available.  Regular beauty makeup can be simply and effectively integrated into your routine when using camouflage crèmes and solutions.