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Scalp Nourish

Scalp nourish using micro needling techniques helps the following:

Scalp scars

Diffused hair thinning


Receding hair line

Crown thinning

This procedure uses properties that are gently applied to the top dermal layer of the scalp intensifying the experience of a deep skin massage and scar tissue breakdown that may help to revitalise hair follicles.


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Scalp Micro

Scalp Camouflage using medical micro pigmentation procedures helps the following:

Scalp Scars

Diffused hair thinning


Receding hair line

Crown thinning

Simulating hair follicle to replicate and densify the appearance of hair on the scalp.  Medical pigments are gently scratched into the top dermal layer of the skin (2-3mm).  This treatment can be semi permanently or permanently applied and  colour matched to all pigmented hair types.


Hair loss as you know can be caused by a number of reasons.  Some of the reasons may be caused by scarring alopecia such as folliculitis, wearing wig systems, hormonal changes and traction alopecia due to wearing tight pony tails and corn row plaits.

Scalp micro or scalp camouflage

This is an advanced Scalp Micro Procedure (SMP)  that uses medical pigment implanting minuscule scratches approximately 2-3mm to the top dermal layer of skin.  This is applied with  gentle light kisses to the scalp using micro needling techniques.

The results give the effect of microscopic hair follicles covering the scalp for an improved appearance of hair density.

Scalp Nourish

In some cases  this treatment has helped thinning hair due to dormant hair follicles that may require stimulation to start growing again.  It is also good for preparing the scalp to receive pigment more readily.

Case Study for Scalp Nourish

Jay was concerned with the fact that his gene pool from his father's side experienced pattern hair loss to the front of the hairline and crown.

With an in-depth consultation before treatments took place, we discussed a plan of action. Jay had three areas of concern:

  1.  the front hair line
  2.  the side temples slightly receded
  3. the crown of the scalp



With an in-depth consultation before treatments took place, we discussed a plan of action.

We discussed a couple of ways to tackle this.  Jay wanted to see what would happen before committing to scalp camouflage which would have given him instant results for the appearance of a fuller looking hair line and crown.

Jay works evening and day shifts on an ad hoc basis, but we managed to stick to the plan.

Six sessions and six weeks later, Jay said:

"I can't wait to have more treatment as there is definitely an improvement" He also said he felt "proud and chuffed!"


Case Study For Scalp Micro Camouflage

Here are some examples of hair loss  from this young 56 year old woman, Cammy.

Cammy wears wigs, braids her hair, dyes her hair and is currently experiencing hormonal change due to her increasing years.    It wasn't until we started the procedure of implanting pigment that the hair itself started to reappear in the thinned area. This result had exceeded Cammy's expectations.


Cammy has multiple areas where she is experiencing hair loss.  As a result of this she lacks confidence and wheres a wig, which also adds to the problems of experiencing thinning hair or baldness.




We get to work with implanting colour matched medical ink pigment.

Scalp before treatment


The implants were so microscopic that it was hard to determine a difference.  This should improve as time goes on

Image 19-05-2017 at 10.42 (2)
Image 19-05-2017 at 10.42 (3)
Thinning temple before treatment
Image 19-05-2017 at 10.43

After two more sessions  and 3 months later, we have improved results that have enabled Cammy to wear her hair out confidently and back into one piece, as she prefers.

Image 19-05-2017 at 10.43 (4)

A 45 year old man opted for scalp camouflage micro procedure after carrying out a hair transplant.

The tiny micro pigments that were implanted into the skin's surface could have also potentially stimulated dormant hair follicles. To date it could appear to have had made some improvement for dormant hair follicles due to stimulation  combined with the appearance of densification due to camouflage.

Image 19-05-2017 at 10.41 (1)