Just wanted to tell u how pleased I was when I put on ur skin cover product, it gave me a great feeling. It stayed longer than I thought n started to fade after like four days. It’s the optimal solution for a quick n a painless cover for a scar !!


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Read some of the things people are saying about Take Cover Skin System

More testimonials from clients after a brief message from Skin Coverage for camouflage expert, Gerri Facey

Gerri Facey-Skin Coverage Expert

Hello there,

I thought I would say a word, and thank my clients for their heartfelt testimonials, so that I can share with you heart to heart, why I think that many of you choose to use Take Cover Skin System for a skin coverage solution.

Well firstly, my existing clients kindly share their feelings by writing a testimonial to share with others their experience with Take Cover Skin System, along with the impact it has made to their lives.

Secondly, It works so well, both simply and effectively.  Take Cover Skin System is able to obtain a customized tone, unique to you, matched to your skin, thus successfully restoring your  original skin tone, whether your pigment is missing or too much pigment has occurred, leaving you feeling  naturally comfortable with the results.  No matter how many times I do a colour match,  I am always pleasantly surprised with the outcome, as it  looks  amazingly natural and extremely well matched; so well matched  that very rarely does the whole area require coverage.  As well as giving my client  a  ‘sense of normality’ , I get to feel that what I do is so worthwhile.

And Thirdly, well just take a look at some of these results below:


The aim is to build a suitable skin tone where vitilgo occurs (missing pigment from the skin)

The aim is to build a suitable skin tone where vitilgo occurs (missing pigment from the skin)

An amazing colour match was achieved with Take Cover Skin System

An amazing colour match was achieved with Take Cover Skin System

"I want to be able to wear a bikini on the beach."

“I want to be able to wear a bikini on the beach.”

Vitiligo on back cover up

We needed to find a tone that could fill in the missing pigment.

We needed to find a tone that could fill in the missing pigment.

"Walking on the beach feels so much better, as I always go darker, and the white patches show up even more when I tan!"

“Walking on the beach feels so much better, as I always go darker, and the white patches show up even more when I tan!”

Tattoo removal left scar and depigmentation

Tattoo removal left scar and depigmentation


Tattoo scar removal covered

Tattoo removal scar now covered

  Call me  on 07961 755336 if you have any queries.  Now back to the testimonials

All the Best, Gerri x


Testimonials from clients

Hi – I would just like to say how helpful and understanding Gerri was from the first phone call.  I was lacking in confidence due to superficial burns on my face.  I had become isolated, as my GP did not really help me.  Scars etc. on visible areas of the body can be traumatic and affects people in different ways.  

With skin camouflage – makeup you can start living your life again. Gerri went though everything with me and taught me have to put the makeup on.

I found that – you get best results – if your take your time when applying the makeup – simple things like making sure you mix the makeup prior to putting it on you face.

Thank you Gerri for your help and nice meeting you.

PS: I would just like to also say – there is something out there for you – if you need help!!!!!!

 Mr A.K


“For at least 10 years now I had been contending with a group of scars on my arm. Not much, you might think; but ALL were very noticeable nonetheless. They often attracted unwanted comments and criticism from others too – as if I needed reminding that they were there. I was the one who had to look at them every day, after all.

Needless to say, I often went to great lengths to hide them. I wore bandages and pretended I had had an accident, but that excuse didn’t last long. I developed the habit of always bending my arm so that they were always at least partially covered, but I could never maintain this for long. I even resorted to making sure that they were covered by my clothing at all times, no matter what the weather. Summer never seemed as enjoyable for me as it was for others.  And as for holidays in the sun? Well, that was definitely not an option…

None of this helped my self-confidence which had already taken a beating by now, and for a time I had even considered going under the knife to try and get rid of them once and for all. It really felt like I had run out of options.  Until  I contacted Gerri.

In the space of a few days I was in her studio being shown just how easy it was for the Take Cover Skin System to conceal the marks I had tried to hide for so long. It really was like those marks were never there. In one afternoon I’d had a full consultation, went through the available treatment options and had a full colour matching session to find just the right tone for me. The patience that was shown in finding the exact tone was just amazing, and the importance that Gerri placed on finding it showed, and was easy to see and reassuring to know.

It was so SIMPLE!!!

I also opted for a tutorial on how to apply and maintain this coverage myself using the airbrush kit.  But I have to say, the best part is seeing how long this camouflage actually lasts for.  I’ve been in and out of the shower for 4 days now, and my arm doesn’t look any different to when it was first applied. And my clothes haven’t been affected by smudges at all.

My self-confidence has already started to grow in such a short space of time. My only concern now (besides getting used to showing my arms again) is that it isn’t warm enough to start wearing any summer clothes! Never mind though, summer may not be here yet, but this year I think I might be ready for it! Thank You.” 

Miss A




….’Gerri is adept at putting you at ease. She was very kind, understanding, gentle and at the same time professional. She took care to understand all my concerns right from the telephone consultation to the very end of the application session.

Gerri makes you feel great about yourself, a real confidence booster.  She is very experienced and good at what she does. She was quite willing to run overtime to ensure we achieved our objective.  I will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs skin coverage.

The products are great and they do exactly what you need them to do!

Thank you for making me feel beautiful again!”

Miss P, Executive Director



“Thanks Gerri first of all for seeing me on a Saturday.  I was very skeptical at first, even though you were very reassuring.  I am very happy with the results and I thank you so much for the exceptional colour match.  It matches perfectly, and has covered the  patches of vitiligo to blend not only with my legs,  but also, my whole body looks like one tone now.”


This is the result after skilfully working to fill in the patches of vitiligo over the knees, thighs and shins.

Marci 19/05/2012


“My daughter was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was 9. She had white patches on her thumb, which quickly spread across her fingers and hands, then to her eyelids and mouth. Whilst she was too young at that stage to really appreciate the disease, I found it devastating and difficult to deal with. She is now 18, and a beautiful young lady who has to cope daily with this condition which has spread to various parts of her body including her knees, elbows, feet, back and the hardest area, her face.

I was recommended to take her to see Gerri Facey at Take Cover Skin System. What a wonderful recommendation!! After one hour or so with Gerri who matched my daughter’s skin perfectly,  and was able to skilfully cover up the white patches on her face, knees and elbows , my daughter left the appointment with a combination of  a skin coverage solution and creams that were easy to apply that gave a big boost of confidence.

Gerri’s treatment and support has been invaluable to us. She went even further by referring us to a leading dermatologist, who is helping to arrest the spread of the vitiligo using a  ground-breaking treatment. We are only in the early stages,  but feel confident that we are in the right hands, and now have real hope that the vitiligo might be arrested, and maybe even……..everything crossed, reversed!”

S.  15/04/2012

Hi Gerri,

Thank-you for a wonderful service, after my trial my family could not believe how well my arms looked and how bright my smile had become.  My arms were quite badly scared from an attack by a cat and to have not a sign of redness was amazing.  I expected the makeup would transfer slightly but it did not budge one bit!  If I hadn’t seen it on my own skin I would not have believed the pictures.  The make-up was weightless and I can’t wait until my wedding day.

Rachel 26/03/2012


Please see above my arms covered in cat scratches before and after coverage with Take cover Skin System.


Gerri is a very kind and empathetic person who understands how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin.  Take Cover System gave me a great skin match and covered up areas of vitiligo on my face very well. The make up stayed put until I took it off. I had a fun night out without worrying about my vitiligo.



Hello Gerri,

Just wanted to tell u how pleased I was when I put on ur skin cover product, it gave me a great feeling. It stayed longer than I thought n started to fade after like four days. It’s the optimal solution for a quick n a painless cover for a scar !!
Also I liked ur personal work, u were very professional n so sweet in the same time :) n I’m looking forward to visit u again for another session :)

Thanks n God bless u :)




Hi Gerri,

It was great meeting you y’day! I loved those products you used on me to cover my horrible stretch marks!I never knew such products existed..You were so warm, understanding and patient, you made sure the exact colour match was achieved so that it looked completely natural! I couldn’t believe my eyes as to how my legs looked after you finished!!!!!!!!
It boosted my self confidence and I’d say changed my life!!!!!!! I’ve always been soooooooo concious about my stretch marks and have been searching all over for a solution…despite having tried so many creams etc, i’ve tried different camouflage products as well, but all of them would transfer on to the clothes i wear and isn’t long lasting at all!!!!!But the make up you used lasts much longer! even after 24 hours it still looks great i must say, i hope it will last up to 5 days as you said!and the best thing is its not transferable!!!!!!! I’m really looking forward to buying the whole kit from you so that i can start doing it myself as and when i need…THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH GERRI! I CAN NOW WEAR ALL THE DRESSES I HAD IN MY WARDROBE FOR AGES BUT NEVER HAD THE COURAGE TO WEAR, BECAUSE OF MY STRETCH MARKS!!!!!!THANKS TO YOU I CAN NOW CONFIDENTLY REVEAL MY LEGS WITHOUT THE FEAR OF PEOPLE NOTICING MY UGLY STRETCH MARKS! YOU ARE A STAR!

D x


I was introduced to Take Cover when I took part in Miss West Africa UK…I actually decided to give Gerri a call when I was chosen to model lingerie at Rip The Runway UK. The process was very efficient and smooth, Gerri was extremely professional and such a perfectionist, I left looking like a new woman. My tattoo was gone and the acne blemishes on my back were totally covered. Initially I only wanted the coverage for the show but because the makeup used was such good quality it lasted beyond that and didn’t rub off on any of the garments I was modelling. The coverage was very natural and the colour match was perfect. I would definitely recommend Gerri to anyone who feels the service she provides is necessary, and I can hold my hands up and say I’ll be using her service as and when needed, because in the modelling industry sometimes tattoos and marks can hinder your potential to progress, so having the option available to cover them is just what I needed.

Thanks again Gerri and keep doing what you’re doing :)

Tan Xx


Hello Gerri


I am 26 years old, I lost a lot of weight when I was 16 years of age and I was left with terrible stretch marks all over my arms, behinds my knee, buttocks and hips. I was never able to wear revealing clothes, and when it was summer I dreaded it as I couldn’t wear summer clothes as it would reveal my stretch marks.

Being a young women it has been so difficult to overcome, I tried all different camouflage makeup to cover these horrible stretch marks!  I couldn’t get the perfect match as I have Indian coloured skin with any of the  different tones and colours available,  and it would smudge onto all my clothes, and would not last more than 5 hours! With Take Cover Skin System, the makeup lasted 5 days, and was smudge proof so I was very happy with this.  I didn’t believe this type of makeup existed  until I met Gerri , and she worked her magic on my stretch marks! I also had dark pigmentations on my legs which Gerri was able to cover with the same shade that was used to cover my stretch marks.

When I met Gerri and found out what she could do for me, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I was amazed!!!  She found the perfect shade to cover all my stretch marks which looks soo natural, and is all so easy to apply with the airbrush kit that I have now purchased from Gerri. She also gave me fantastic training on how to apply the makeup and I soon got the hang of it.

Gerri I enjoyed my appointments with you. You were very warm and friendly and I felt soo comfortable talking to you about my problems with stretch marks. Thank you sooo much, I will be seeing you again for airbrush makeup for my face. Thank you so much for changing my life and making me feel confident.

Mandy xx


Hello Gerri,

was great meeting you at the clinic.Thanks a lot.I liked it.Personally I do not like stuff that make you look artificial…..But the take cover system looked so natural on me.it was difficult to tell there was something on my face.The process was very simple and straight forward.Everything is carefully and professionally done without any mess.Because of its natural and beautiful effects, I’ve planned to use it on my wedding day. Thanks once again for the great service You delivered.I look forward to seeing you on my big day maame x




Hi Gerri

The coverage is still going strong. Everyone has commented on how natural it looks. Am saving up for machine and training. Happy to write testamonial but is end of week OK as want to do it justice. It was lovely to meet you and thanks again.




I’m a 21 year old student and all my life I have been very self conscious about my legs. I cannot remember the last time I had my legs out in shorts or a skirt; they are always covered. I searched for hours on the internet looking for a makeup or some kind surgery to help minimize my pores and the scars on my legs, and it was by chance I came across this site, Take Cover Skin System. I had a look at it and read the testimonials, and straight away I knew I had to ring up and book an appointment asap. A few days later I went in to see Gerri, and a couple of hours later, I came out with my legs on show! It was the first time in over 10 years that I had my legs out. It was the best feeling ever! I felt like I was on top of the world. I still look at my legs now and think, WOW! I went out that same night with my legs out, and I felt like I was set free and it felt amazing. I am going away in a few days, so I am going back to see Gerri for a quick top up before I go.   I am considering buying the kit as well. I just wanna say thank you soooooooo much!

Gerri you have no idea how much this means to me and how great I feel now. You are such a lovely person as well,  and I thank God I came across your website. Thank you once again xxxxxxx

Remi x



Having used the body cover system for a while, I realised I could do with an additional colour to use with my kit, for the chest and inner arms where my skin is a shade lighter. I called Gerri and as usual nothing was too much trouble and we made an appointment within the next couple of days. She matched my decolletage PERFECTLY and now I my match is truly flawless and natural. I’m truly blown away by this product and the service I have received.



Just to say a quick note to say how pleased I am with the Take Cover System. As a professional dancer my appearance is key and always under close scrutiny so when I broke out in a terrible rash I was worried that I would have to take time off work. I used Dermacover Body Make up which claims to be waterproof and smudgeproof but after ruining several of my favourite costumes and avoiding contact with anyone and anything light in colour, I put half a hope into finding something new. So, here goes! I put ‘waterproof, smudgeproof body make up ‘ into Google and Gerri’s page popped right up. I made an appointment for the following week and haven’t looked back. I left the clinic with what I have been calling, a foundation-like coverage with spray-tan longevity. My marks were beautifully covered all while looking completely natural, like I’d had a nice holiday and my skin was glowing and even.  The match was perfect and it delivers exactly what it says on the tin. Gerri is a real perfectionist with real empathy with her clients. She’s passionate about this and it really shows. I have thrown away that messy make up, this is now an extension of my beauty regime and I won’t be using anything else. However, I do have one regret…..

wish I’d found it sooner!!

Thanks so much Gerri and see you soon :)

M x


This has been the best camouflage treatment I have ever had on my leg so far!!! It was quick to apply and it is not that messy. The best part was that once it was applied, it did not rub off onto my garments, leaving them streak free, even when water was applied!



Hello Gerri,

The makeup lasted for 5 days and everybody liked it!
Everyone was asking me about my tattoes and stretch marks and they were soo happy, and some of them really want to try it too .  It was a very good thing and I have recommended my friends and families to  TAKE COVER  SKIN SYSTEM. I can surely believe that tattoos and stretch marks can be covered in no time and will surely use it again.  I  was soo pleased with my pictures, cos there was no stretch marks showing anywhere!!

Thanks so much Take Cover Skin System, and you will hear from me soon.



Thanks Gerri so much! I loved the effect it had on my skin it looked flawless and the makeup covered my tattoo up perfectly. I was able to even go to the gym without it rubbing off on my clothes at all! I was very shocked and happy at the result, and its day 5, and its still going strong! My friends assumed I had my tattoo’s lasered off!  So thanks again,  and you will be seeing me again!x Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device



OMG! This is so flawless and georgeous!! I have really sexy legs, and now I can wear my sexy strappy shoes and find somewhere to go and show my feet off!  Thank you so much for this.  My boyfriend loves the ankle tattoo and thinks the makeup looks really good.  This stuff is amazing and I love it…Well I love me in it actually!!  thank you again G :)



Hey Gerri
Thank you so much for your body make up session. My legs look so much  better that make up is pure magic. Absolutely amazing. Your
consultation was very professional and working to get the best match  possible for my legs was not fustrating at all
Thank you once again. I will be calling you soon. The tattoo is great.