Durable Skin Camouflage Solutions

What does skin camouflage cover?

Skin camouflage solutions can effectively camouflage missing pigment, darkened pigmentation, discolouration and uneven skin tone.

How effective is skin camouflage?

The beauty of skin camouflage is durability, smudge resistance and it’s ability to remain on the body when in contact with water. Durable skin camouflage solutions can have a lasting effect of between 12-24 hours for face and upper body, and as long as 12-72 hours for the lower body.  Amazingly for some clients, skin camouflage application for the lower body has been recorded to have lasted for as long as 120 hours.

How do you select your skin camouflage?

The camouflage can blend into the surrounding area of the skin to provide a durable and natural appearance to its surface. A skin camouflage expert will need to identify the correct tone that can match your skin.

Colour yourself with Love

 Select Your Skin Tone 

Deep Tones

Deep Tones
Deep skin tones that are of African and Caribbean origin. Sun exposure is naturally more forgiving with deeper pigmented skin tones, as the melanin is darker thus allowing lengthy exposure to sun for longer periods of time.

The skin darkens very quickly without burning.




Medium Tones

Medium Tones
Warmth of gold or bronze tones found in Arabic, Asian, parts of the Americas, Caribbean and Africa. These tones can also include cultures that cross from the northern hemisphere mixed with southern hemisphere.

The skin tans with a mixture of rose and gold undertones that quickly turn to deep warm ambers and bronze. Lengthy exposure to the sun can be tolerated and will depend on the depth of tone pigmentation.


Light Tones

Light Tones
Cultural background of Irish, Scottish, Italian, French, German, Spanish and other parts of Northern and Southern Europe.

Skin tone generally does not allow exposure to sun for any or very long periods of time.

Depending on the skin’s pigmentation  can allow a certain amount of sun and after  redness in some cases, can settle to a warm tone of tan.



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gerri_faceyHi, My name is Gerri Facey, your personalised Skin Camouflage Consultant.

My skin condition is not curable, but I can control how it can look simply by a healthy diet and exercise.

It can seriously knock your confidence when you know that you have to hide from curious glances. There are some days, I must confess where I would not feel happy to go out and enjoy the sun because of the physical appearance of my skin.  Over the years I have learned that taking full control and taking the time to see what can work for my skin, naturally, has become my best confidence booster. Taking action rather than taking cover is the ultimate result.

I believe that it is also very important to start thinking about what you can be doing to make a difference with your skin’s health and its appearance combined.  So, join me with my take on skin matters in Our Daily Blog.

Gerri x

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Skin cover systems created to add colour and confidence to your life

Our Services

Take Cover Skin System specialise in bespoke colour matching for skin camouflage solutions.  We now offer you 24 skin tones  exclusively created and ready for you to use.

The application process is clearly demonstrated during consultation so that you too can learn how to  apply to yourself for a professional finish  whilst in the comfort of your own home.

Colour Customise Me

Colour Customise Me
During your consultation a colour match will be carried out.  This can be done in two ways:

  1. Colour Match and select an ‘over the counter’ camouflage product
  2. Use our exclusive bespoke in house range formulated for use with an airbrush to obtain a realistic appearance.

Cover Me

Cover Me
The processes used for skin cover up solutions used are:

Finger Tip Application

For your Finger Tip Application service we include free tips and training on application techniques during your Colour Match Consultation, when using cream camouflage.

Tones can be selected from various cream camouflage solutions that are available over the counter or prescription through your GP (normally at the discretion of your GP).

Personalised Airbrush Application

For your Personalised Airbrush Application service, you would have already had a personalised colour match or selected a real life skin tone that is readily available.

Our Service is a simple process requiring little effort from you, and a whole lot of expertise and pampering from us.

Confidence In Me

What clients say: “Just to say a quick note to say how pleased I am with the Take Cover Skin System. My marks were beautifully covered all while looking completely natural, like I’d had a nice holiday and my skin was glowing and even.  The match was perfect and it delivers exactly what it says on the tin”. Read more testimonials.


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Finger Tip Application

Personalised Application


Maxi Mobile Kit

For light- medium use and easy for travel.

Salon Size kit

For medium-frequent use.  Ideal for home or travel.

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