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Scalp & Hair Follicle Simulation

Scalp & Hair Follicle Simulation
Scalp hair follicle simulation also known as  Scalp Micro Procedure (SMP) is an advanced form of pigment implant technique that camouflages the scalp.  This process gives the effect of hair follicles resulting in an improved appearance of hair density.

Skin & Scar Paramedical Camouflage

Skin & Scar Paramedical Camouflage
Paramedical skin camouflage is ideal for effectively concealing darkened or white patches on skin due to medical conditions or scarring.

Eyebrow Enhancement

Eyebrow Enhancement
Eyebrow enhancement or more commonly known as semi permanent cosmetic makeup can give a realistic appearance using hair stroke techniques that are camouflaged into and around the existing eyebrow shape and hair follicle shafts.

``Brush or scratch the skin's surface......uncover our deep love in dermal``

Paramedically Treating

It is important to me for you to see how we can make a difference to your confidence by demonstrating to you my  scalp and hair follicle camouflage procedure.

My client started to experience hair loss and thinning around the temple and hairline.  This was due to wearing wig systems combined with hormonal changes due to age. She was really excited with the whole idea of having an advanced procedure such as scalp and hair follicle camouflage carried out.  Soon after filling forms and selecting the correct colour match for her hair, we got underway.

Whilst gently kissing the scalp by injecting the medically graded pigment 2-3 mm into the top dermal layer and dancing in between existing hair follicles, I could hear the sound of snoring.  Much to my surprise, the hum and buzz of the needle had sent her off to sleep!  In no time we started to see the first stage of thicker denser appearance of hair.


Scalp camouflage

After 1st treatment

After 1st treatment
scalp & hair follicle simulation

Words by clients

“The scalp micropigmentation procedure  was painless and non-stressful. Total trust in the application due to the professional and sincere communication of the procedure from Gerri my consultant.  Nice comfortable atmosphere with good results. I would recommend this for anyone that believes hair loss is a fixed and non-fixable condition”.

Thank you, Gerri xx

Cammy B, Senior lecturer BA Hons, FHEA

More words by clients

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Scalp & Hair procedures

Receding hairline

Traction Alopecia (tight plaiting, wig and hair systems)

Balding of the crown

Thinning Hair throughout

Thinning hairline

Irregular shaped hairline

Paramedical Camouflage

semi permanent scar camouflage

semi permanent vitiligo camouflage

Airbrush camouflage

Creme camouflage (hand applied)

Airbrush Kit

Eyebrow Enhancement

Hair stroke technique


Maxi Mobile Kit

For light- medium use and easy for travel.

Salon Size kit

For medium-frequent use.  Ideal for home or travel.

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